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Thank you to all those who have donated so generously to the Nicola Murray Foundation

Thank you to all those who have donated so generously to the Nicola Murray Foundation. Listed below are some of those who have added to our fundraising efforts from 2009 till the present day. Thank you so much for thinking of us. We have often received anonymous donations and recently have been the recipients of donations in memory of some precious loved ones. Thank you , you know who you are. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. x 

The Family and friends of Kate Finnigan 

Hugh, Kate, Karen and John Finnigan and Family

Margaret Begley and Liz MacIntyre
Laura Wemyss
The Lourdes Nurses
The Robertson Family
John Molloy
Andrew McTaggert and Family
Those who gave a donation at Nicolas Funeral
Stephen Titterington (Brodie McLean)
Asda Foundation (via Anne-Marie Macneil)
David Rowand (Cairn)
Mario Bonamigo
Andrew and Mary Grace Flinn
Malcolm and Tanya Flinn
St.Margarets Primary School, Dunfermline
Alan and Anne Lamont
Alan and Anne Carstairs
Patricia and Alec Spacey and Family
Brendan Robertson and Family
George Murray
PLU Bank (via Andrew and Maria Williamson)
Mary and Jim Turnbull
RBS Community Cashback (via Andrew and Maria Williamson)
Stephen, Julie and Molly Clarke (collection from friends and family)

John Menzies PLC (in support of 'Cycle For Nicola')

Elaine and Alistair Proudfoot, Family and friends 

Kerry and Scott McLaren , Family and friends.

Ben and Marlene Conway

John and Irene Hunter

Gavin and Claire Potter and Family

Mairi Claire and Martin Quinn , Family and friends 

Tommy and Jean Clarke

Margaret Kelly

Anne and Tommy Mullen 

Gary Stockdale and Family



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