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We know there is still more needed to be done to ensure that every person affected by any form of cancer, even those less common cancers, obtain the best detection, treatment, services and outcomes possible.

In any kind of cancer research, many important and significant outcomes are far reaching in the insight they can give to this disease.

Your donation will be going directly to Edinburgh researchers who have a deep seated interest in HNPCC and the syndromes effect on bowel, endometrial and ovarian cancers. Much time has been spent on researching Bowel cancer particularly and , with this charities assistance , doctors and pathologists are extremely interested in researching now , the effects of this syndrome on Ovarian Cancer.

Fundraise for the NMF!

Its easy to organise to raise funds for the Nicola Murray Foundation. Why not ..get together with friends, family or collegues to organise an event? – we are here to support you and can add your event onto our ‘Whats on’ calendar.

Feel free to contact us to let us know what you are doing . Just email us your details to or Also, we would love to have a photo of you to include in our fundraising news.

Need a few ideas?


See below to get a few ideas from some of our recent fundraisers. The NMF is very grateful for all the support we receive throughout your fundraising.

Thank you - All friends and family who attended

Event: Birthday Party Donations
Date: Friday 27, January 2012
Amount raised: ££1,945.75
Thankyou so much to all the guests at Steven, Caroline and Donnas 40th Birthday Party! All three were so surprised and.......

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Thank you - Steph Forrest xxx

Event: Steph's Tough Mudder Challenge
Amount raised: £626
Thank you Steph!

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Thank you - Gill and Finlay Kidd x

Event: Baxter's River Ness 10km 2011
Date: Friday 11, November 2011
Amount raised: £650+
Our youngest fundraiser to date , Finlay, was just 9 months at the time of the race which he completed with his mums help. They completed the 10k in just 55 minutes and 29 seconds.

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Thank you - Patrons and Staff of the Kenmore Hotel , Kenmore x

Event: Opening of the Salmon Season
Date: Saturday 01, January 2011
Amount raised: £62333+
Again , many thanks for the fantastic generosity of the Kenmore Hotel and its owner Mr.Malcolm Flinn for including the Nicola Murray Foundation as one of the charities benefitting from the phenomenal fundraising that takes place at this event every year.

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Thank you - NN Coffee group x

Event: Donation from St Cuthberts ,Edinburgh NN Coffee Group 2014
Date: Thursday 14, January 2016
Amount raised: £150
You never forget us! Thank you St.Cuthberts NN Coffee group ,who raise money for local charities every year.

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Thank you - Jason , Marc , Brendan (Peter) and Steven x

Event: The Kilimanjaro Challenge!
Date: Sunday 08, June 2014
Amount raised: £11,162 +
An epic joint fundraiser for Sarah's Promise and Nicola Murray Foundation!

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