Professor Gourley and the team of researchers

Professor Charlie Gourley

Charlie Gourley graduated with honours in Genetics from the University of Glasgow in 1991. He then went on to qualify as a medical doctor in 1994 also at the University of Glasgow. Charlie progressed through his medical training in Edinburgh, continuously combining that with active research interests. He has successfully held research positions both at the University of Edinburgh and within the NHS.

Charlie’s career ladder took him to his current position as a Professor and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, specialising in gynaecological cancers. He leads a clinical research team at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre, and a translational research group at the University of Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre.

He is a member of the National Cancer Research Network gynaecological cancers clinical studies group, the National Cancer Research Network ovarian subgroup and the Scottish Gynaecological Cancers Trials Group. He is also an active member of several other committees.

The Team

Professor Gourley is supported by a team of


PhD students


PhD students